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   Double End Tenoner
Profile high accurate tenon and grooving lines for mass production. Such as T & G or lock flooring. Completely production lines for flooring and panels.
   Vertical Finger Joint Lines
From manual system to fully auto high production vertical finger joint system.
 Horizontal Finger Joint Lines
Horizontal finger joint system available in double chain system or signal chain system. Minimum capacity from 60 pcs up to maximum 180 pcs per min.
Thin-Cutting Frame Saw
Reasonable price and great performance. Better tolerance and efficiency.
Cut-off Machinery
Dual function cut-off machine. Fluorescent crayon mode and fixed length mode.
  Clamp Carrier
Firm and solid structure with simplify operation. We offer semi auto system to fully auto system. Minimum six sections to maximum forty sections.
  Rotary Composer
Offering single working sections to five working sections' rotary composer system. For solid wood composing.
Glue Spreader System
Signal side or double side glue spreader roller system. Automatic glue and hardening mixer.